The High School Democrats of Wisconsin was founded in January 2017, following the surge of progressive activism that took place after November 8, 2016. Initially starting with just one chapter, the statewide organization soon grew to encompass multiple counties throughout Wisconsin and now provides many high school students with voices in politics and opportunities to make a difference in their communities, state, and country. 

We are high school students committed to making Wisconsin better for ourselves and future generations. We believe that healthcare is a basic human right. We believe that no student should go to school and have to worry about being shot. We believe that immediate climate justice is necessary to provide an inhabitable planet for ourselves and our kids.

We believe that love is love and that people have the right to make their own choices for their own bodies. We believe that America is better when America is truly united. We believe that when Wisconsin is Democratic, Wisconsin thrives on progressive legislation, values, and leadership.

We're working every day to elect Democrats up and down the ticket, pass progressive legislation, provide aid to our communities, and we hope you'll join us in our fight to make Wisconsin blue again.

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Meet The Team
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eliza siebers


Eliza (she/hers) is a senior in high school in Madison and is thrilled to serve as your 2021-22 chair! She is passionate about increasing civic education, and has been involved in student government for her school and district. She's interested in studying urban planning and the intersection of politics and architecture. In her free time she likes playing lacrosse and listening to Taylor Swift.

Nama pandey

Vice Chair

Nama Pandey is a senior in Madison, WI. During the spring of 2020 Nama was involved in a local State Senate campaign where she became inspired to increase youth engagement. Ever since, she’s been striving to educate more young people about local and state politics. One of Nama’s goals is to expand HSDWI’s chapters exponentially, in order to create spaces where young people can get involved in policies that directly affect them. 

simon yang

Communications Director

Bio coming soon

henry pahlow

Programs Director

Henry is honored and excited to serve as your Programs Director this year! This upcoming school year he will be a sophomore in Denmark. He first gained an interest in politics over the Obama years, seeing the impact compassion and honor can have. This last year, he dedicated hours towards volunteering for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot across the state of Wisconsin, and most importantly, bringing a Democrat back to the White House. 

Brynn Ronk


Brynn is a rising sophomore from Madison, who's excited to be serving as your treasurer this year. She's passionate about education and maternal justice, and interested in learning more about foreign affairs in the Asia-Pacific. Brynn enjoys knitting, rollerblading, speech & debate, and playing with her dog Sock

cynthia lu

Coalitions Coordinator

Cynthia is a senior in Brookfield and is thrilled to serve as the Coalitions Coordinator for 2021-2022! She is passionate about racial, environmental, and economic justice, and plans on becoming an attorney so she can advocate through the legal system. Cynthia's main goal is to unite HSDWI with other communities in order to fight together for our collective future. Outside of politics, she loves mock trial, piano, swimming, and making homemade kombucha!