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Ethan Jackowski

Junior - Big Foot

Ethan Jackowski is a Junior at Big Foot Union High School in Walworth Wisconsin. He became interested in politics during the 2016 election. Ethan is a co-founder of the Big Foot Chapter. Ethan is passionate about human rights and making systems fair and equitable. Ethan's dream is to help write legislation to make healthcare accessible to all, while practicing medicine. Ethan's goal for HSDA is to increase communications and expand to all parts of  Wisconsin.


Eliza Siebers

Junior - Madison West

Eliza Siebers is an upcoming junior at Madison West High School. She has been interested in politics since 2016, and got involved with March For Our Lives in 2018. She is passionate about equality and justice, and strives to get everyone involved in our democracy, especially locally. One of Eliza’s goals for HSDWI is using social media to get more young people involved in politics, and educating our members about making both electoral and legislative change!

Nama Pandey

Junior - Madison West

Nama is an upcoming junior at Madison West High School. As our Diversity Director, Nama is excited to help make sure High School Democrats of Wisconsin fosters a diverse and inclusive environment. Nama hopes to make sure that everyone feels comfortable in joining our community and has their voice heard.

Owen Templeton

Senior - Janesville Craig

Owen is about to be a senior at Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville. He's always had a passion for getting involved in politics and is currently a member of the Rock County Democrats, volunteering there often. Owen's been accepted into the Badger Boys State competition as well as the Tim Cullen Institute. He's looking forward to working with HSDWI this year.

Sophia Heffner

Junior - Wauwatosa East

Sophia is an upcoming Junior at Wauwatosa East High School. Outside of her involvement of HSDWI, Sophia is part of her high school's swim team, a member of their student council, ACLU, and best buddies. She's extremely extremely passionate about many topics, but racial equality, the justice system, gender inequality, immigration rights, and gun control are among the top of her list. Sophia is a dedicated, motivated, and eager leader who is excited for the opportunity to serve as HSDWI's treasurer this year.

Ella Tummel

Senior - Tenor, Milwaukee

Ella is a senior at Tenor High School in Milwaukee. She first became interested in politics in 2015 when she first volunteered with voting rights groups in Alabama. Ella is passionate about eliminating the school-to-prison pipeline and drastically overhauling our criminal justice system. Ella's goal as political director is to increase youth voter turnout and overall political awareness, especially in disenfranchised areas like Milwaukee.

Simon Yang

Junior - Madison West

Simon is an upcoming junior at Madison West high school. He's excited to be HSDWI's Communications Director for the 2020-2021 school year. Simon hopes to connect democratic youth across Wisconsin and improve general political awareness  as well as youth voter turnout.